Text Box: Casinos Nepal, Kathmandu

Shangri-la Casino, Kathmandu Nepal

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Text Box: We were privileged to have spent  4 years in Nepal doing work for Buddhist monasteries, 2 casinos and a themed restaurant. The first being Tara Casino at the Hyatt Hotel, completed 2003. Shangri-la was the second casino we did in Kathmandu Nepal completed in 2006. All projects in Nepal where turnkey, from concept through to completion.

Casino Tara, Hyatt hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal (turnkey operation, completed 2003)

Moods, Restaurant, Bar and Hookah Bar. The first themed restaurant in Nepal. Completed 2008 (Turnkey operation utilizing custom design combined with various light effects to create ambience

Utilizing custom design

Text Box: Our beloved Nepali Team, our company was known as Kalabitika (Creative Hand)